Different Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack

High fashion has made the fanny pack womens favorite accessory for a couple of years in a row.

The industry also made the waist bag mens go-to way of carrying their things.

If you love the look and convenience of the fanny pack but want to change it up a little, consider these different ways to style the accessory.

over the shoulder fanny pack

Fanny Pack Over Shoulder

No one is sure exactly where this look originated, but fashion blogs started taking note of chic New Yorkers sporting the fanny pack over shoulder style.

It's easy to see why it took off, though. It makes fanny pack travel even easier for bikers, skaters and commuters.

Slung over the shoulder so it hangs high on the chest, it's super-secure, offers quick access to belongings, and looks cool on pretty much everyone.

different ways to wear a fanny pack

(Fanny Pack Mens and Womens) Size Matters

The fanny pack womens fashion magazines have been homing in on lately is the mini version.

Although it's cute and doesn't get in the way, a tiny waist bag doesn't hold much more than a lipstick and a credit card.

If you're on the go, the standard-sized fanny pack mens and womens street style blogs tend to showcase is a little more practical.

We're also fascinated by the larger fanny packs we occasionally spot, but some are large enough to be considered full-sized bags.

cross body bag

Make a Bold Statement

Although it leaves you more vulnerable to pickpockets, wearing a waist bag backwards is a fun take on the fanny pack.

For another unique look, the fanny pack womens fashion blogs have highlighted is the personalized bag.

Pick up a few fun pins on eBay, or buy some vintage patches and go crazy!

Besides individualizing your pouch, this trick is an easy way to add lots of color to your look.

Or forego pins and patches in favor of a brightly colored pack.

It's a great way to break up a monochromatic look or add a fresh twist to a classic outfit.

travel with a fanny pack

Fanny Pack Travel or Everyday Options

Are you looking for an easy way to freshen up your wardrobe?

Swap out your purse for a fanny pack, or replace your backpack with a waist bag mens style.

We also know of some photographers who use these chic yet practical packs in place of their camera bags.

There's plenty of space for a camera, lens covers and film -- yet this camera bag alternative is so much more stylish!

fanny packs and waist bags

Fanny Pack Life

Whatever you want to cover your fanny pack travel needs, wear your fanny pack over shoulder for instant street cred, or replace a boring tote with the hottest accessory to come along in ages, find the perfect solution to suit your style.

From festivals, dog-walking and farmers' market shopping to errands, work and school, just choose your favorite options.

You'll find the style of fanny pack womens and mens fashion reporters showcase in magazines and street-style blog posts -- but without the price tags only models and other celebrities can afford.

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