It’s 2019 and Fanny Packs are Here to Stay!

What decade is it?

Is the fanny pack a relic of the past?

What comes to mind when you think of the 80’s and 90’s?

I remember days at the wild animal park with my Dad carrying around his neon teal fanny pack with all the necessities to get me through that whirlwind of a day. Sunscreen, lip balm, snacks, my Dad had it all.

My Dad’s fanny pack had sunscreen, lip balm, and drugs for a child (candy). His fanny pack was the utility item that was in its prime… or was it.

Fast forward to today.

Fanny packs are back in mainstream fashion.

Here, the fanny pack of 2019 has emerged as the go to utility item for those seeking a throwback to the past.

Fanny packs for men and fanny packs for women have made a comeback in street wear.

Festivals and concerts bring forth new music, but a trend and nostalgia for the past is present in our generation.

Finding ourselves drawn to the future and past, the fanny pack of 2019 is the must have item for those seeking a retro and proactive approach to any occasion.

How many times have you been at a festival and realized that your outfit has no pockets?

How many times have you wished there was some way to carry all your necessities without having to load up the one friend with the camelback?

Fanny packs for women are not a luxury nor a relic, it is an essential to proper concert going. Need some water?

The fanny pack has got you covered.

Need a make up touch up and don’t want to lose your spot in the 3rd row, because let’s be honest no one ever gets the first row, then the fanny pack has got you.

How can you go without a fanny pack in 2019?

Are you really a concert goer without one?

Who doesn’t need a place to store their junk?

We all have quirks, we all have junk, what separates the woman from the girls is if you are prepared to carry it.

Fanny packs offer a convenient spot for your stuff.

Fanny packs for men and fanny packs for women are there for you, and even if you don’t think so, your mom will be glad to know your sunscreen is at the ready to be reapplied, even if you don’t.

2019 is a year to remember, but how can you do that without having all your essentials when you hit up Coachella, BurningMan, or Outside Lands?

Fanny packs 2019 is the new motto for those looking to increase their functionality.

As a comeback in street wear, fanny packs for men and fanny packs for women will be in high demand this season.

Go get yourself a fanny pack and be ready to celebrate 2019 in style with functionality. has all your needs to help you settle into the world of festivals this year, make 2019 the year of the fanny pack.

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