Why Fanny Packs Became So Popular in 2018?

fashion fanny pack

We're pleasantly surprised to hear ourselves say it, but 2018 is the year of the fanny pack!

This fun yet practical accessory may have helped cautious travelers keep an eye on their gear back in the 80s and enjoyed a resurgence in the 90s.

But the belt bag has become chic again, stealing the spotlight in both street style and high fashion.

The Celebrity and the Designer Fanny Pack

With labels ranging from Supreme to Chanel offering their own versions, you might think the waist bag is out of reach.

After all, Kendall Jenner's cross body bag probably cost more than most of us spend on rent.

And it's doubtful that Matthew McConaughey paid any less for the waist pouch he's been sporting lately.

Sarah Jessica Parker, along with other fashion-forward types, has been spotted at Fashion Week in a waist bag.

The runway itself has been overrun by every version of the fanny pack imaginable.

cross body fanny pack

Designers paired the cross body bag with sporty striped sweaters and jeans.

They showed the belt bag with trench coats and suits, proving the versatile pouch can even work in a business setting.

The Waist bag Hits a High Note

Fashion shows aren't the only places where you'll see stylish people wearing this trend for all it's worth.

You can't go to a festival, concert, party or rave these days without spotting a waist pouch, cross body bag or some other incarnation of the fanny pack.

A colorful belt bag has an instant street-style vibe that works perfectly in all kinds of situations.

Of course, when you have Rihanna rocking the look and Stella McCartney designing her own vegan version, the connection between the fanny pack and music doesn't seem so surprising.

Fanny Packs for All

Thanks to the trickle-down effect of haute couture to street fashion, the rest of us can get our hands on a fanny pack for an amount that won't kill the month's clothing budget.

With styles available at regular-people prices, the rest of us can look great while keeping our keys, money, cell phones, makeup and even small water bottles nearby but safe.

Its practicality alone makes us wonder why it ever went away.

We love it for stashing our stuff at the gym, protecting our belongings at shows, and keeping our money handy while we shop.

We can thank fashion designers, models, actors and musicians for helping the waist pouch stage a comeback, but fashion-loving non-celebs are keeping the trend going.

From dupes of famous bags to weatherproof styles in pretty much any color you can think of, it looks like the fanny pack just might stick around.

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  • Pam Hunt

    Fanny packs cool yeah..if only I had one to carry my cat in all day!

  • Pam Hunt

    Fanny packs cool yeah..if only I had one to carry my cat in all day!

  • Pam Hunt


  • susan atkins

    I have used fanny packs for years, it is nice to see them with a pretty design ,try butterflies on one,I love butterflies

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