The Marijuana Leaf Fanny Pack
The Marijuana Leaf Fanny Pack

The Marijuana Leaf Fanny Pack

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The Weed Leaf Waist Bag

Take a hit of this Marijuana Leaf Fanny Pack and be sure that you will never forget your stuff! With a more realistic graphic, the Weed Leaf Waist Bag is the perfect 420 accessory for any occasion.

Our Weed Leaf Fanny Pack

If you love the 420 lifestyle and can appreciate a good fanny pack, this just might be the perfect accessory. Wherever you're headed, haul your stuff in style with this pot leaf fanny pack. From a day at the park to a music-filled weekend, keep your essentials safe while celebrating your favorite plant. The weed leaf fanny pack is the weather-resistant answer you've been looking for!

The Highly Portable Pot Leaf Fanny Pack

The cannabis fanny pack is perfect for road trips or just walking the dog. From kind bud to treats for your buddy, your marijuana waist bag holds everything you need to get you through the day. The weed leaf fanny pack is roomy enough for your basics and a little more, but it's compact enough that it won't get in your way. Our stylish little marijuana weed leaf fanny pack is so convenient, we're surprised it took the 90s accessory this long to make a comeback! We've updated it with a lush weed design for a little 420 flair.

The All-Weather Weed Leaf Fanny Pack

You shouldn't risk getting your leather bag wet, and you definitely can't take your suede backpack out in the rain. So, what to do when the weather turns ugly? The weed leaf fanny pack keeps your stuff safe anywhere, rain or shine. Durable, weather-resistant polyester makes your cannabis fanny pack the perfect choice when fragile fabrics aren't up to the task. And if things get a little crazy at the festival and you drop your marijuana waist bag in the dirt or mud, no worries. Just wipe your pot leaf fanny pack clean with a damp cloth and jump right back in.

The Marijuana Waist Bag FTW

Know a 420 fan who could use a no-maintenance way to carry his or her kush? Give the marijuana weed leaf fanny pack as a holiday or birthday gift they'll never get tired of using. With its artistic look and worry-free polyester fabric, the weed leaf fanny pack ticks off every item on the pot lover's wish list. Weed-centric style? Check. All-weather durability? Check. Go-anywhere convenience? Check! Make your favorite weed lover's birthday or holiday with the cannabis fanny pack.

When it comes to on-the-go style you'll never have to worry about, the marijuana weed leaf fanny pack will become your go-to way to safely carry your keys, money, makeup, water and other must-haves. Give as a gift or keep it all to yourself. Our weed leaf fanny pack is the perfect choice for showing your 420 love wherever you go.

Material Composition: Polyester

Pockets: One Zipper Large Pocket with Center Divider

Strap: One Size Fits All

Strap Length: 38cm (Adjustable)

Item Length: 105.5cm

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with your order, we will give you a refund, simple as that!

THE PERFECT ACCESSORY: Fanny packs are back! Conjure up the spirit of the 90s with the fashion fanny pack. The colorful, sturdy, party-ready waist pack is a fresh, fun way to keep your stuff safe, in style no matter where you are. This retro accessory lets you dance, shop, walk the dog or ride a roller coaster without worrying about losing your essentials. And you'll look great doing it! The fanny pack resurgence is the best thing to happen to fashion since sweatpants.

USEFUL & UNIQUE: Once just a place to put a map and hotel room key, the waist bag is now the perfect accessory for stashing your cell phone, money, makeup, dog treats, keys and even a small bottle of water. You could still use it to carry travel basics, but the fashion fanny pack is also perfect for clubbing, concerts, parties, going to the movies and other times when you need a great-looking, hands-free alternative to purses, wallets and/or a backpack.

SIMPLE & STURDY: The water-resistant waist bag keeps your cash and other basics safe and secure for any event or occasion. Wear it at festivals, outdoor parties, farmers markets or while traveling. You'll never have to worry about someone grabbing your wallet from your back pocket or knocking things over with a bulky purse again! And putting your purse on the floor at restaurants, clubs or movie theaters? No thanks! Stay active with no worries about theft, rain, snow or losing your belongings. Keep your things safe in this retro waist pack so you can focus on having a great time!

HIGH-QUALITY & AFFORDABLE: The high-fashion world calls their $1500 versions 'belt bags'. Our fanny pack has the style you want at a fraction of the designer fanny pack price. The fashion fanny pack looks great at clubs, festivals and parties but also holds up to the elements -- and keeps up with you -- when camping, hiking, working out, running errands or toting the kids around town.

GREAT GIFT: The waist pack is the perfect gift for people who love the 90s and retro fashion. But almost anyone can appreciate the practicality and style of the colorful, durable fanny pack. The waist bag is ideal for anyone who needs a secure place for valuables and basics. We're glad the designer fanny pack is back and keeping busy people's stuff safe wherever they go!

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