About Us

UpYourFanny.com (UYF) was created by a few friends who noticed that Fanny Packs were a fun, but more importantly, a super convenient way to hold the necessities needed for survival at a music festival, rave, or sunny day at the beach.

Beyond the lame stereotypes surrounding Fanny Packs, the UYF Team realized that the only available options on the market were super lame and lacked any relevant design aesthetic.

Basically, there were not that many options for cool looking Fanny Packs!
The UYF Team has been working diligently with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we deliver the most affordable and high-quality Fanny Packs to our customers.

We Would Love to Hear From You!
UpYourFanny.com strives to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction. If you have any ideas for future designs, comments, questions or concerns, please email us at contact@upyourfanny.com.